LIHTC Community Director - FPI Management 4/17/18
Contact Name: Marie Horner
Organization: FPI Management
Title of Available Job: LIHTC Community Director

LIHTC Community Director


Apartment Manager - Safe Harbor Property Management, LLC 4/17/18
Contact Name: Marie Pettie
Organization: Safe Harbor Property Management, LLC
Title of Available Job: Apartment Manager

Apartment Manager


Senior Compliance Specialist - HNN Associates 4/7/18
Contact Name: Abby Quinto
Organization: HNN Associates
Title of Available Job: Senior Compliance Specialist

Senior Compliance Specialist

Maintenance Supervisor - Cascade Management 4/2/18
Contact Name: Jesse Debord
Organization: Cascade Management
Email: jesse.debord@cascade- 
Title of Available Job: Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor