NAHMA HUD Update: Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Multifamily Housing Programs

October 18, 2016

HUD recently issued the following Notice providing the details for Multifamily Housing programs altered by the HUD final rule titled "Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Multifamily Housing, and Community Planning and Development Programs", which was issued on March 8, 2016 and became effective April 7.

The applicable provisions affected by this recent Notice are:
  1. Verification of Social Security Numbers
  2. Definition of Extremely Low-Income Families
  3. Inclusion of Mandatory Fees and Charges with Tuition
  4. Streamlined Reexamination of Family Income and Composition

 The Streamlining Rule seeks to include improvements in program operations that reduce costs and enhance efficiency while maintaining HUD's core program oversight functions. This notice will detail the streamlined provisions and the considerations that O/As should keep in mind. This includes changes to TRACs and general program regulations.
The notice may be found on the NAHMA website here