Budget Analyst, Job #103359 - Seattle Housing Authority 3/13/19
Contact Name: Christopher Haase
Organization:Seattle Housing Authority
Email: [email protected] 
Title of Available Job: Budget Analyst, Job #103359

Budget Analyst, Job #103359

Assistant Site Manager - Arbora Court & Cambridge Apartments - Bellwether Housing 3/13/19
Contact Name: Genevieve Collier
Organization:Bellwether Housing
Email: [email protected] 
Title of Available Job: Assistant Site Manager - Arbora Court & Cambridge Apartments

Assistant Site Manager - Arbora Court & Cambridge Apartments

Site Manager- Housing Kitsap 3/5/19
Contact Name: Demetria Orthouse
Organization:Housing Kitsap
Email: [email protected] 
Title of Available Job: Site Manager

Site Manager

Property Management Administrative Assistant- Bellwether Housing 3/5/19
Contact Name: Genevieve Collier
Organization:Bellwether Housing 
Email: [email protected] 
Title of Available Job: Property Management Administrative Assistant

Property Management Administrative Assistant


Apartment Manager - United Marketing 2/14/19
Contact Name: K. Anderson
Organization:United Marketing
Email: [email protected]  
Title of Available Job: Apartment Manager
Job Description:

Seeking experienced resident manager for HUD Section 8 Senior Housing complex in Issaquah, WA. Qualified individual will possess strong management and administrative skills with an emphasis on Section 8 housing management. Computer competence in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. Personable and customer service oriented. Competitive salary and benefits DOE. Training in HUD property management software is provided.