NAHMA HUD Update: HUD Publishes Fiscal Year 2021 Fair Market Rents; CNA e-Tool Delayed

August 14, 2020

Dear NAHMA Members,

Fair Market Rents (FMRs)

Today, HUD published the fiscal year 2021 Fair Market Rents (FMRs). The FMRs will be effective October 1, 2020. The notice mentions that the trend factors used to determine FY 21 FMRs include updated economic assumptions to reflect the economic downturn, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The notice also provides how public housing authorities (PHAs) and other parties can request reevaluations of their FMRs. Comments on the notice are due Sept. 30.

HUD’s FMR website can be found here. The Notice for FY 2021 Fair Market Rents is attached and can be found here.

CNA e-TOOL 3.0 “GO LIVE” Is Delayed (HUD Notification)


  1. 1.     Why is CNA e-Tool version 3.0 delayed?  HUD had originally scheduled the “go-live” date for CNA e-Tool v3.0 on August 24, 2020. HUD confirmed this date after a thorough analysis of various bugs identified during Beta Testing and after determining that corrections would be completed by the scheduled launch date. 


CNA e-Tool version 3.0 is a web-based application (“Web-App”) designed for access through HUD’s IT security infrastructure called Web Access Security System (WASS) and FHA Connection (FHAC).  As a precaution, the e-Tool team conducted a “pre-release” of the Web-App into the HUD IT infrastructure to test proper connectivity.  While the Web-App is ready for the original launch date, the pre-release test exposed a critical discrepancy in the WASS/FHAC setup resulting in the following problems:


  1. Some users unable able to access the CNA e-Tool using their login IDs;
  2. Application development team unable to conduct planned stress tests and other checks of the completed v3.0 Web-App prior to its launch.    


HUD is delaying the launch until the access issues are resolved and other planned testing completed.  We expect that this delay will be not less than 30 days.


  1. What should users do?  Users with access may continue the data transfer process.  (See the “how to” video here). The effect of the delay is to extend the data transfer period.  As soon as corrected access is confirmed and planned testing completed, we will announce a new “go live” calendar that will provide adequate time to prepare for version 3.0.  Training materials  are available here .


  1. How can I get further information? For further technical information, please email [email protected].