NAHMA HUD Update: Service Coordinator Program Grant Renewal Update

August 4, 2017

NAHMA received the following update from HUD on the Service Coordinator program grant renewals:

Fiscal Year 2017 Service Coordinator Program Grant Renewals

  • HUD has been issuing the annual grant renewal funding extensions for the Service Coordinator Program in batches since mid-July.
    • All grants with no-cost extensions have received access to funds
    • Any offsets remaining in eLOCCS have been released
  • The first batch will be two installments at 60% and 40%, approximately 950 grants totaling $43.8 million.
    • 613 grantees in batch 1 have accepted their awards.  Funds for these awards are being contracted and made available in eLOCCS.  This process typically takes 3-5 days from the date of acceptance.
    • The amendments (installments at 40%) have been prepared.
  • Batch two, paid at 100%, is about 680 grants totaling $29.7 million.
    • Grantees should receive award notices by the middle of next week.
    • Availability of funds typically takes 3-5 days from the date of acceptance of the award.
  • Batch three, the final batch, will be paid at 100% and is approximately 100 grants. 
    • Grantees should receive award notices by late August or early September.
    • To date, we have only received 8 submissions from grantees.  All submissions or corrections to existing submissions must be received by August 8.
    • All applicants requesting a FY 2017 extension or correcting a deficiency during this round must submit the application(s) or corrections directly to  [email protected].  This final round is a one-time exception to the GrantSolutions process.
    • Do not submit to GrantSolutions; please submit directly to the email address provided.

HUD also requested help in encouraging grantees who are in batch three to send their applications in to [email protected].