NAHMA LIHTC Update: Call for NAHMA LIHTC XML Data Transfer Group Conference Call for August 30, 2021

August 10, 2021

Greetings All:


Larry Keys, Director of Government Affairs at NAHMA, Jed Graef, Business Development Manager at HDS Software, and I, Paul Perpich, Director of Software Development at Spectrum Enterprises and current NAHMA XML Transfer Data Group moderator, have been working with Ryan Kim, Director of Product Marketing at ProLink Solutions to replace the Yahoo LIHTC Standards Forum that was shut down in the fall of 2019.

Unfortunately, when Yahoo shut the original forum down while they provided access to posts, files and messaging they did not provide the Email list of the 100+ participants. Consequently, We are broadcasting this email to NAHMA's entire Email list. If you wish to continue your participation or join the forum for the first time you'll need to follow this link (  to Procorem, the ProLink Solutions communication platform. Contact Ryan Kim at Prolink Solutions ([email protected]) for support on this.

While we have scheduled a tentative date of August 30, 2021, for the first conference call, we might need to adjust that out a bit further based on the number of people who respond to this email by following the link mentioned above and joining the group.

For information about the "State HFA-LIHTC Data Transfer Standard" (aka NAHMA LIHTC XML Data Transfer Standard) go to

Please keep in mind that the information at the above mentioned link references the previous Yahoo LIHTC Data Transfer Discussion Forum at which is no longer valid and will be updated in the near future. The links to the standard documentation are valid with the exception that a link to version 6.0 published on September 26, 2019, has not yet been posted.


Paul Perpich


Spectrum Enterprises


[email protected]