NAHMA Update: NAHMAnalysis Documents Now Active


Dear NAHMA Members –


I received a message that the links to NAHMAnalysis (s) were not working in my email yesterday, so I have removed the hyperlinks. You can simply find all the documents listed on the NAHMAnalysis page: HERE. Alternatively, you can access them via the Members Only Tab on the NAHMA website


The NAHMAnalysis(s) listed below cover a range of affordable housing-related legislation before Congress and recent reports from HUD on Worst Case Housing Needs and Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies on Housing Older Adults. Each analysis was formatted to be a “quick-read”, requiring a few minutes for each.


  • JCHS Report on Housing America’s Older Adults
  • HUD Report on Worst Case Housing Needs 2023
  • Rural Housing Service Reform Act
  • Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA)
  • Workforce Housing Tax Credit Act (WHTC)
  • Choice in Affordable Housing Act
  • Yes In My Backyard (YIMBY) Act