NAHMA USDA Update: Proposed FY23 Budget Training and Resources

September 13, 2022

Dear NAHMA Members,

Please find below (and attached) a proposed budget training from RD’s Office of Multifamily Housing. The training includes a review of Form RD 3560-7 Multifamily Housing Project Budget, provides insight to the review process and highlights service coordination as a permitted budget expanse for RD properties for FY23.

For more information, please view the announcement below.


Multifamily Housing Programs Picture

September 12, 2022


The Agency’s mission is to support and maintain quality affordable housing for tenants across the portfolio.  As you prepare upcoming 2023 annual proposed budgets, we wish to partner with you to ensure your Rural Development properties have access to the resources needed to be physically and financially healthy. 

Multifamily Housing (MFH) staff have been provided training on proposed budget review and will consider the property’s overall health and continued operating needs in a streamlined review process that will be more efficient for both stakeholders and staff.   

To support this streamlined review process, a proposed budget training for stakeholders was recorded and is provided on the Multifamily Housing Programs site under MFH Stakeholder Tools & Training. The training is similar to what was provided internally to MFH staff.  It covers the Form RD 3560-7 Multifamily Housing Project Budget, line by line and provides insight to the Agency’s review process. 


HIGHLIGHT: Service coordination

For FY2023 Service coordination is a permitted budget expense for RD properties. Service coordinators assist residents in connecting with services available in their community, often helping them remain successfully housed, age in place and live independently. 

If you’re interested in adding a service coordinator at your property, the American Association of Service Coordinators has resources and information available. 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Servicing Specialist for your specific property. 



A complete and sortable list of property assignments is located here:

The MFH Organization Structure, listing all MFH staff with a link to their email, is located on the MFH website here: